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About us

With our headquarters in Calgary, E.R.Bridge has focused on ocean freight shipping since 2018 and strive to provide logistic solutions for our customers. In the past 4 years, we have served as a point of connection between China and Canada, helping thousands of customers ship their newly purchased commodities from China to cities across Canada. We provide the convenience of using Less than Load (LCL) ocean cargo to small business owners in an effort to reduce their stocking burdens, saving on their operation costs. We are proud to uphold a customer oriented standard of excellence, a promise that we make to each and every single one of you.


Less than Container Load (LCL) is a terminology used in the world of transportation – both sea and land. It denotes a situation where a container is filled up with various cargo, belonging to more than one shipper.


- You pay only for the volume that you are shipping

- You no longer need to dedicate a large space to inventory if you ship in smaller quantities

- Ocean cargo is much more cost-effective than air cargo

- No more tedious wait times to fill up an entire container

- Reduced inventory costs keep your cash flow at a much more desirable level


海运拼箱(Less Than ContainerLoad,LCL)是指承运人(或代理人)接受货主托运的数量不足整箱的小票货运后,根据货类性质 和目的地进行分类整理。把去同一目的地的货,集中到一定数量拼装入箱。由于一个箱内有不同货主的货拼装在一起,所以叫拼箱。


E.R.Bridge will not accept the following items for shipping: food items (including dried food, tea, snacks, meat, seafood, etc.), battery operated devices with a battery capacity over 2000 mAh (including power banks), liquids or any products containing liquids, powders, products containing gels and pastes (including but not limited to glue, toothpaste, cosmetics, eyeshadow, foundation, etc.), any kind of drugs and medication (prescription or over the counter), precious metals (including but not limited to gold and silver), luxury brands, counterfeit products, PPE for covid-19 (including disposable masks), alcohol, tobacco, dangerous goods, chemical goods, flammable materials, plants and seeds.

1. Domestic shipping charges to our Shenzhen warehouse shall be borne by the customer. Upon arrival at the final destination in Canada, the shipment will be picked up by the customer at the E.R.Bridge local head office or temporary warehouse, unless specified otherwise. 

2. E.R.Bridge will be responsible for your shipment’s customs processing, customs clearance, transportation via ocean freight, loading and unloading, limited time stocking in warehouse, fumigation of wood products, customs inspection fee (not included for FCL customers). Customs duties and GST are not included in the shipping price and must be paid when you pick up your shipment.

3. Please make sure that your assigned reference number appears on the packaging of each shipment. Any shipment that does not have a reference number will be returned at the customer’s own cost.



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